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Making Macarons

10 Jan

assorted macarons

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First things first, a macaron is NOT a macaroon. A traditional macaroon is comprised mostly of coconut while a traditional french macaron is comprised of two meringue cookies and a filling all sandwiched together. Big difference here people—so get your lingo straight! Now that that’s out of the way….A couple of weeks ago we were invited to a family friend New Years Day Party and instead of running out and buying something to bring, I decided that I would conquer the ever-daunting task of making macarons for the party.

So, first steps first, I Googled macaron making techniques for days before actually trying it on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no novice in the kitchen baking or cooking wise, but these babies are in a league of their own. Research was definitely necessary. After all my research, I went out to buy my supplies! There’s a great cooking and baking supply store in the next town over so I hit them up first to get my parchment paper (works better than Silpats for this purpose), pastry bags, and 1/2” tip for my pastry bag. Sidenote: it was SO hard to get myself out of that store without buying more things—it was like kitchen heaven. Then, I went to Trader Joes and Stop and Shop to get my fillings and other ingredients. Since it was my first time in the ring, I decided that it was best to stick to fresh, pre-made fillings and focus my energy on perfecting the actual cookie part of the macaron. So, I ended up buying lemon curd (I could probably just eat that with a spoon, no lie) and organic raspberry preserves. Done deal. Then I grabbed some confectioner’s sugar, granulated sugar, almond meal, eggs, and gel food coloring (not liquid!). I think that’s it.

Whew. The next step was assembling my ingredients and making the cookies! Once I had the batter finished, I piped it onto my cookie sheet on parchment with a template (I’ll like to it at the end). Now it was time to wait. According to the macaron bible, it is necessary to let the cookies sit out for a period of time before baking. I waited impatiently for an hour and then popped them in. Then all I could do was wait. I brought a chair and literally sat in front of the oven watching them and praying they would have feet (a key characteristic). Guess what? THEY DID! WOOOOO *commence dancing and jumping around my kitchen*.

After I finished jumping up and down the cookies cooled and all my batches were done, I began to pipe on the fillings and assemble the cookies. I had pink ones with lemon curd, and green ones with raspberry preserves. Sadly, the next step is more waiting. Seriously, keep a book in your kitchen. Anyway, macarons need to be in the fridge, all assembled, for about 24 hours so that they can reach their full potential. Let me tell you, this is no joke. I tried fresh made ones and then one after they had been in the fridge and it made a WORLD of a difference. They were sooooo much better after the fridge. Don’t get antsy and doubt me and eat them. Trust me—wait.

I was seriously so happy that I pulled these off. I packaged them in gift boxes and brought them to the party and I’m glad to say that they were a huge hit!!!! No one could believe I actually made them (yeah, I couldn’t either haha). Now, they’re going to be my go-to party accessory and I can’t wait to make them again with different fillings and flavored cookies.

This is the website that proved to be my bible for this process:

She also recorded a video on Youtube that shows you the entire process in 5 minutes (don’t be fooled though, in real life, it is quite a bit longer)!

Go try to make some of your own and let me know how they turn out!